best electric meat grinderLooking for a best electric meat grinder?

Though manual grinders are cheap you might want to spend few dollars extra without straining yourself for making ground chicken.

Electric meat grinders are not only best because they are automated but they deliver complete safety protection also which makes them most suitable grinders in the homes. Manual grinders don’t have much safety features with them.

Similarly, there are a number of accessories with can be attached to the electric meat grinders to achieve your desired grinding needs.

Getting a ground meat of your desire is not a big issue with an electric meat grinder, you can pick your desired cutting blade to produce the ground chicken you want to make BBQ or your favourite recipe.

Best electric meat grinder

Read these electric meat grinder reviews to pick your favorite one in affordable prirce.

1) Weston No. 8 Meat Grinder

Weston No. 8 Meat GrinderThis Weston #8 is solid commercial grinder loaded with features and specially designed for heavy-duty tasks. With ½ HP electric powered motor ensures quick and efficient grinding. It is optimal for both domestic and commercial use.


Being compact in size heavy duty grinder is powered by a 350-watt electric motor. It has the capacity to grind up to 6-pound meat per minute. So processing a large quantity of food is quick and easy.

Sausage Stuffing Funnel

It has the additional sausage stuffing funnel which really adds value to money. Now you are not only restricted to ground beef for a hamburger, you can choose one of three different sizes of sausages.


As mentioned above this grinder accompanies a powerful motor, the air-cooled motor is permanently lubricated which ensure its long-term performance.


This commercial grinder comes with many impressive attachments; all of them are made of good quality material. One would definitely expect from a commercial grinder to facilitate processing large quantity of meat if that is a case then this Weston grinder will help you much.

Key Features

  • Compact commercial grinder that doubles with sausage stuffer
  • Powerful motor makes it suitable for both commercial and domestic use
  • ½ HP air-cooled motor is permanently lubricated to ensure fast and easy grinding
  • Two stainless steel made grinding plates (7mm and 4.5mm) are provided
  • Include three ( 20mm, 30mm, 40mm) sausage stuffing funnel
  • The extra large rectangular shaped stainless steel tray is enough for handling large quantities
  • The compact design will facilitate you to conveniently store attachments
  • For cleaning, head can disassemble

Many customers reviewed that this product worth the more expensive price. It is a consistent performer and accompanies a powerful motor which makes hard looking work extremely easy.We highly recommend this product!

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2) Weston No. 12 Meat Grinder

Weston No. 12 Meat GrinderThe Weston 12 meat processor powered by a ¾ HP electric motor. This is enough for most home customers. It’s nearly as solid as the commercial units– which use a 1 HP motor. As compared with other domestic units this is on the top in term of power.

The distinction amongst this and the commercial unit is this meat processor is much cheaper in price. A commercial unit can cost a few thousand dollars. I can’t generally think about a purpose behind home users to spend large amount on a commercial unit.

Product performance

Manufacturer advertised that this machine grinds up to 540 pounds of meat in just one hour. I didn’t have 540 pounds of meat to truly test this, however, the 3 pounds roast that I tossed in there turned out immediately.

I am pretty sure this 540 per hour can vary depending on the kind of meat you put into it and how much preparation you have done. I don’t think any domestic user will have 540 pounds of meat to test the claim in any case. The imperative thing is this thing is quick and it’ll save your much time.

Clean Up

Cleaning this grinder is extremely simple because nearly everything is made of stainless steel. The housing, the auger, feed assembly and even the cutting blades are made of stainless steel. That implies the meat you’re handling won’t adhere to the parts much and they’ll easily fall off with just cleanser and water.


This thing is made of quality material and weighs only 42 pounds. All parts are made of metal. Like many other cheaper machines that use plastic parts, this will won’t break easily.

  • Most parts are stainless steel built
  • Powerful air cooled permanently lubricated motor
  • Sturdy handle give easy manoeuvring
  • Include extra large rectangular tray
  • Can be disassembled for easy cleaning
  • Safety circuit breaker
  • Comes with limited 5 years warranty


A quality meat grinder can help you a lot in your daily life activity. This Weston #12 electric grinder is durable, solid build and reliable.

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3) sunmile sm-g73 meat grinder

sunmile sm-g73 meat grinderThe Sunmile SM-G73 is an excellent product for those who don’t want to spend their hundreds of bucks. You should invest in this product if you are looking for a solid meat grinder under $100.

Include accessories:

  • 3 stainless steel cutting blade
  • 3 cutting blades for different sizes of meat
  • 3 different sausages filling attachment
  • 1 set of kubbe attachment
  • 1 Plastic pusher
  • Some removable parts are dishwasher compatible

Product built:

The Sunmile meat grinder housing is advertised to aluminium with stainless steel wrapping. The feeding tube and meat tray are made of aluminium, yet the grinder plates and cutting blade are made of steel.

Product Performance

This product is without any doubt is light in weight and on your wallet. It comes with reverse function and full accessories.


This Sunmile comes with 1000W locked and 600W rated power. It is advertised to have 1.6 rated HP, but if you calculate the HP by dividing the maximum watts which is 1000 by 746 you would get 1.34 rated HP.

Grinding Capacity

It is powerful enough to grind any kind of meat in no time. As advertised it is capable for grinding up to 185 lbs in an hour. For ideal results, you should cut the meat into small pieces, about 1- 1 ½ inch pieces and place it into the refrigerator until it firm.

Grinder Diameter

The diameter of a standard #8 grinder measures 2 ½ inches. The spiral shape inner head grinds more efficiently.


The meat grinder has 3 large buttons (on/off button, reverse button and reset button) that operate the grinder. When the grinder becomes jam the reverse button will help you to unclog it and the reset button is used to reset the grinder in case the circuit breaker needs to be used.

  • It weighs only 13.56 lbs
  • Product dimensions: 12.8 x 7.28 x 6.3 inch
  • Affordable in price
  • Excellent powerful motor
  • Accompanies reverse button
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty


In case you want to invest in a solid meat grinder at an affordable price then you must consider this Sunmile SM-G73 Meat Grinder. Along with powerful motor, this product is an excellent performer and includes many useful accessories.


4) sunmile sm-g31 meat grinder

sunmile sm-g31 meat grinderAre looking for a grinder for home use at the affordable price? The Sunmile SM-G31 may meet your requirements. It is no to powerful nut always gets the job done. It can awesomely grind all kind off meets, but for grinding the commercial amount this grinder may fall short.

For whom this Sunmile SM is designed?

Basically, this unit is designed for domestic use. It is compact in size and weighs only eight pounds, for a couple of pounds this grinder is efficient if you are going to grinding one or two times a week than you definitely don’t need more than this.


Keep in mind, for excellent performance always cut the meat pieces into small pieces; put them into the freezer until they get firm not frozen. Half-frozen meat passes through the unit better and you will get perfectly ground meat.


Most parts of this Sunmile unit can easily be disassembled, and it is recommended to clean right after the use, because the aluminium parts get sticky if you don’t clean them.

It can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water in your sink, most parts are lightweight so don’t clean wash them in the dishwasher.

Easy to use

This unit is quite easy to use, there is no complex operating with just a button it simply turn on or off. This unit is basic and will get the job done without much effort.


  • Compact in size and suitable for domestic use
  • 250W rated power and 800W maximum locked power
  • Stainless steel made cutting blade ensures durability and excellent performance
  • Grinder head made of die-cast aluminium
  • Simple to operate
  • Rectangular meat tray is made of aluminium and can be removed easily form grinder
  • Include plastic pusher kubbe attachment
  • Lightweight (7.9 pounds)
  • Product dimensions: 19.3 x 10.4 x 8.4 inch

This Sunmile SM-G31 Meat Grinder is an excellent product and specially designed for domestic use. If you are looking for the compact sized unit than you should consider this product.

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5) Della Industrial Electric Meat Grinder

Della Industrial Electric Meat GrinderNo doubt, having meat grinder in your kitchen is a great help, there are numerous brands available across the market. By identifying your need you could find the best one for you. The Della 1400 Watts Industrial electric Meat Grinder is an excellent product. Read the full review of this product below:


As the name suggests the Della industrial electric meat grinder comes with 1400 Watts motor which makes it enough power to easily grind all kind of meat without much of stretch. Additionally, it includes three different cutting plates which enable you to grind the meats according to your desired texture.


This is one of the lightweight grinders among the entire industrial grinder available. This means it can easily be stored and carried anywhere. Furthermore, it has a compact design and won’t take much space in your kitchen.


This Della industrial grinder has a wide opening allowing you to put different meat size with risking your fingers and hands. The most excellent thing about this product is that it can grind 3 to 4-pound meat in one cycle.

Quick Operation

This Della 1400 watts industrial meat grinder is one of the fastest units; it’s quite efficient in use. If you are looking for a product that boosts your cooking experience then you should surely consider this machine.

Product Maintenance

Most probably all parts of this unit can be disassembled easily to make cleaning and maintaining easy. The built-in circuit breaker prevents the motor from burning. Include kubbe attachment for preparing stuffed meat items.

  • Quite durable
  • Affordable in price
  • Powerful 1400 Watts motor makes it ideal for processing any kind of meat
  • Can easily be disassembled
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to operate
  • Little noisy in operation
  • Give burning like odour when used for extended period

If you are searching for excellent kitchen appliances at an affordable price, then this Della 1400 Watts Meat Grinder is the best option. It 1400 watt motor makes it enough strength to process different ingredients. Keep your eyes closed and keep this product your choice without any hesitation.

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