In order to have grinded meat and one question first I would like to ask that have you ever made cooking a pork-LEM Products #10 Manual Meat Grinder Reviewchop that is really too thick? But in the end, that was probably rubbery and over-cooked taste. As I think it is not much something longer that you have to worry with the LEM meat grinder.

Its base is made by durable rubber foot, and it offers with great clamp-system that is literally made for safety but on the other hand, this grinding machine is specifically capable of grinding in order to have high volumes and in a quick way.

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Moreover, it s literally a heavy-duty and made by stainless-steel that totally describe this great meat grinder. And it is designed in such a unique way that was totally focused to maneuver around. It is no doubt very easy to mount and easy to transport from one place to another. And furthermore, it can be easily disassemble to clean that up after use.

It comes with the great features like safety mechanism, unique design, Fluid motion crank and stainless steel knife for efficient and smooth blade chopping.

It offers with nice wide-open clamp that let you to place thi grinder on any shelf. The push blades and stuffing tubes helps a lot in grinding efficiently.

On the other hand, I would like to say that remember our old days when you used to help your parents in the kitchen. But now amazingly you can even do or repeat the same old days with the help of this best meat grinder or with your LEM grinder even at home use.



  • Fluid motion crank
  • Offers stainless steel knife
  • Safety mechanism


  • Blade and chopping plate does not come with stainless steel