It is specially made for tough meat like for deer and you get all that you need from STX 1800 MG. you should know STX 1800 MG Reviewthat this meat grinder comes with the powerful motor that work at 3000 watts in order to provide thorough grinding. On the other hand, this meat grinder comes with the three speed levels that work properly to provide desired amount of result. And its speed levels ensure you to achieve your grinding needs.

You will be amazed to hear that with this meat grinder you can grind the huge amount of meat and that amount is 300 pounds per hour. No doubt it is amazing as it is an electric grinder and it offers great precautionary measures to provide you safety so that’s why it comes with a circuit breaker in order to ensure superior safety.

Besides this STX 1800 MG Review , You can see the wide range of best deer meat grinders to pick your desired one.

Furthermore, it does not get overheat when you take work from this for a long period of time and also does not crash due to its excellent and unique design. And it’s designed is made by totally focusing on the product quality as well. Moreover, if you want to have fresh tomato juice in home then this grinder would be the best option to get tomato juice as well.

It is not only for grinding the meat but on the other hand it comes with the tomato juicer attachment through which you can enjoy your desired amount of juice by keeping in home. And let me tell you one more thing about this electric meat grinder that it is also attracted by the sausage lovers as it also comes with 3 sausages attachments in order to provide you the best homemade sausages that will be totally hygiene for you!

You can carry thi electric grinder very easily as it weighs only 13 pounds which does not cover much space as well and all in all it is portable as well.



  • Induction cooling system
  • Circuit breaker
  • 3steel cutting plates


  • Not much accessories