As the matter of fact, some meat grinders are come in small size and that meat grinders are much tedious to use. And on the other hand they break down again and again and all happens due to overheating. But when you start to use this STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce then you will come to know the worth of it!

Let me make you clear that this electric meat grinder is no doubt very large and its size is 12 and the point is you cannot complain about of overheating and breakdowns again and again.

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Moreover, it comes with such powerful motor that works on 3000 watts and it doesn’t matter for this grinder as it grinds tough meat with ease. In order to process with meat, it comes with three speed levels that are no doubt desirable for everyone to get grinded meat and multiple toughness and get quality results.

I would like to tell you that when you buy this meat grinder then you will come to know as it comes with a lot of components and all is available to provide you the charm of professional grinding. The most important component of this grinder that it comes with 3 steel grinding plates, even with 3 steel cutting blades, a beaner plate and 3 sets of sausage tubes and also a kubbe attachment.

Furthermore, you will enjoy instant grinding even without an extra purchase. All in all it comes with 1-year limited time warranty.

In the last, let me amaze you with its key features that are 3-sausages attachments, 12-inches grinder, and works at 3000 watts and also in 3 speeds.



  • One-year warranty
  • Cooling system
  • 3speeds levels


  • Limited warranty only