WESTON NO. 8 MEAT GRINDER-Commercial Meat GrinderWeston No. 8 Meat Grinder Review

I would like to tell you that you cannot even dependent on such a small size of grinders for large amount of usage like your hotel and restaurant. And in order to have large amount of stuff you definitely need great electrical grinder same like the Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder. Because it comes with the large amount of container to fulfill your large needs.

As the matter of fact, this is said to be the commercial meat grinder and it is also proved to be the best for commercial usage and it comes with such numerous amount of features that are totally meant for quality commercial grinding meat. It provides such terrible and amazing features that it works at 750 watts and with one horse power that makes it capable to grind the meat up to 725 pounds even in one hour. Sounds good!

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The motor which comes with this grinder is lubricated permanently in order to provide smoothness while grinding the meat, and if you use this meat grinder for long period of time it does not over heat and the fact is that it comes with an air cooled motor.

In order to provide safety, it provides precautionary measure and it comes with the feature of circuit breaker. In order to prevent motor from overheating and also motor burnout then the provided circuit breaker automatically will shut off.

It is designed in such a way that promotes cleanliness as it comes with stainless steel outer case that provide easy clean up and also provide durability. Let me conclude that it is very useful for those who are professional and want grinded meat in large amount of meat also for hotels and restaurant.

Here are some of its key features that are 1HP and 750 watt motor and stainless steel outer case.



  • Stainless steel outer case
  • Steel feed assembly
  • 725 pounds per hour


  • None